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ANOTHER RUBICON PROJECT gone to press. A full color, 16 month calendar
featuring the © Bandana Mitigation Program and some glorious photos of the Rubicon Trail.



Mary Ellen Szper has been creating and selling art & unusuals, as well as writing professionally since 1972, taking her first professional commission while still in high school.  She ran her own custom sewing work room in San Francisco, designing and building costumes, bridals and interior treatments for over ten years. She had a wild ride working in print and film as a stylist. Crazy long hours. Crazy energy. Wonderful, practical experience. Her resumé includes two Showcase Showhouses, cover stories, print and film credits. Extensive travel and challenges of procurement and logistics expand project scope and require innovative solutions on the fly at which she excels.
Working without a net, as it were.
A favorite environment, as it turns out.

Mary Ellen, with her effusive, positive energy and infectious enthusiasm, andd neuro-spectacular brain are an asset to any group. Her adaptability and willingness to jump right in make her participation a bright spot in any project. Her sharp mind, detail oriented management style and spontaneous wit keep things moving forward at a quick pace. Proven results ~ on time, on target, on budget.

Mary Ellen Szper
specializes in
Communication Solutions

In 1993, the now commercially successful graphic design business took flight as, an internet based design and illustration service enjoying a diverse clientele including a highly specialized niché market contracting with government agencies including the BLM, USFS, county, state and federal agencies.

Mary Ellen Szper is recognized for her special brand of humor and bold interpretations of simple and complex issues facing environmentally sound use of public lands. She has a long history of work with "pee and poo" in the non-flush environment.

You can find projects throughout El Dorado County CA, along the South Fork of the American River, at Mt Whitney, on the Snake River ID, and numerous other sites in North America. She knocked it out of the park in the BANDANA MITGATION CAMPAIGN © The campaign became the thread of logic for the video "Rubicon Trail- It's In Your Hands" by Emmy Award winning Producer and Film maker, Todd Stanley of the "Deadliest Catch". View the 15 minute educational and fun visit to the Rubicon.

License this program

Mary Ellen has designed logos for dozens of businesses and non-profits, as well as associated marketing collateral and exhibits.

Mary Ellen has combined her wanderlust and her bold sense of color to produce many whimsical murals along her travels through Mexico and the USA.

A visit to her website, will provide a glimpse of the wide range of medium and techniques that showcase her varied skills, talents and flights of fancy. She has worked in leather, metal, glass, fibers, wood, paint, watercolor, and trash. She is also a professionally trained clown, former nanny and animal trainer. She is an unabashed free spirit who embraces the wanderlust. Mary Ellen is currently on an extended adventure she likes to call "Painting My Way Across the U.S.A." documented on fB.

Work Product runs the gambit of logos, taglines, brochure and marketing content writing, large scale murals, book covers, technical illustration, logo and branding packages, ads, brochures, cartooning, signage, marketing strategy, watercolors, pen and ink,
basics like business cards, rack cards
fold up maps and guides,
as well as presentations,
events and exhibits.
Media and techniques selected according to project needs and budget from high tech to hand worked. All with the same high standards of quality and professionalism.

South Fork of the American River, CA
Stanislaus River, CA
Snake River, ID
Mt Whitney, CA
Rubicon Trail, CA
Old Homsassa, FL

San Pedrito, Baja Sur, Mex
Todos Santos, Baja Sur, Mex
Troncones, Guerrero, Mex
Scottsdale, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Bridgeport, CA
Placerville, CA

Coloma/Lotus CA

Rubicon Trail, EDC, CA
and multiple years of exhibits representing the County of EL Dorado at the California State Fair.

Costs are quoted ala carte
on a "per project" basis.
Client controls the budget.
All Digital Work Process(DWP)occurs online via email and web proof pages. This enables us to keep costs down and efficiency up and makes tracking simple.

."Reasonable Prices for
Exceptional Levels of Service"

(confessing to the age of this photo... 2004.)

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